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Nowadays, the CSOK is clearly a hit topic in the home loan market, as there are plenty of articles on who and how to qualify for discounts. In fact, articles have already been written about the tricky ways of getting free state millions. Therefore, this time we do not choose CSOK home loans as a topic, but show how much it is nowadays to borrow $ 10 million without CSOK on a market basis.

The biggest interest is in CSOK

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When it comes to home loans, nowadays the biggest interest is in CSOK. But we thought we would look around the market a little and show you the terms and conditions for taking out a home loan without CSOK . After all, not every couple is brave enough to have 3 children, even for such a borrowing opportunity. Many people are looking to buy a home as a single, looking for the cheapest credit.

We looked at real for a selection of homes for rent in Budapest for up to HUF 15 million. Mainly in the XI and XIII. district , because we have good traffic close to the subway lines, but prices are not as high as in the more upscale downtown or Buda districts. Renovated apartments in good condition can be bought for that too, of course our area requirements should not be too high, mostly 35-50 square meters apartments can be found for 15 million in the XI. or XIII. district. This size of apartment can be enough to live alone, but even a couple with a child can find 1.5 or 2 rooms.

The purchase price would be HUF 10 million mortgage, the rest would be own funds. We compared the 10 million loans in four different ways and see the results.

Lower repayment with a fixed repayment

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If we are able to do so on the basis of our regular income, it is only worth borrowing for a term of 10 years . This will increase your monthly repayment, but your total repayments will be less than 14 million HUF. Another important consideration is the interest period we choose. The risk-free decision is to choose a 10-year interest period , ie a fixed installment until the end of the term. With this, we will have the same amount of repayments in the first month as in the 10th year, so we can eliminate the risk of interest rates rising over the years.

Market home loans for used home purchase, 10 million HUF for 10 years
Bank and loan name Initial installment Total repayable APR Interest Period Initial cost
UniCredit Stable Interest Home Loan 111,652 Ft 13,349,101 Ft 6.19% 10 years $ 43,080
Budapest Bank Equatorial Market Forint Home Loan – Interest Discount 1 $ 116,625 $ 13,851,743 7.23% 10 years $ 62,980
CIB Throughout FIX Home Loans 114,993 Ft 13,901,930 Ft 7.21% 10 years $ 41,000
MKB Interest Fixer Forint Home Loan – Normal conditions $ 117,271 14,137,610 Ft 7.74% 10 years $ 12,600

Source: Bankruptcy – 12/01/2016


Lower repayable variable repayment

It is also worth looking at what is the case with a 10 year maturity but with an interest period shorter than 10 years. The undoubted advantage of this choice is that it will leave you with a total repayment of up to HUF 12 million, and in return we take the risk of changing every year for 10 years, thus increasing interest rates and thus monthly repayment installments. If we were to take on the risk of a non-fixed repayment, these would be the best options:

Market home loans for used home purchase, 10 million HUF for 10 years
Bank and loan name Initial installment Total repayable APR Interest Period Initial cost
K&H Bank with business -starting HUF home loan – starting fees $ 99,590 $ 12,041,408 3.88% One year $ 12,600
OTP Home Creation Home Loan $ 100,595 $ 12,171,390 4.29% One year $ 130,000
Mohácsi TakarékBank Home Creation Loan $ 100,387 12,227,158 Ft 4.28% One year $ 150,100
MKB Bank Home Creation Loan 2012 $ 100,387 $ 12,257,498 4.41% One year $ 158,600
Granite Bank Home Loan 102,026 Ft $ 12,261,999 4.29% 3 months $ 55,150

Source: Bankruptcy – 12/01/2016

Lower repayment with less risk

If you choose a maturity of 20 years , you will expect lower monthly installments, but the total repayment will be much higher than for a 10 year maturity. The table below compares loans with a 5-year interest rate , as for a longer period we would only be able to choose a fixed rate at a few banks. Interestingly, if we were to have the longest interest period of 20 years, then we would have to pay $ 77,619 and pay back a total of $ 18,621,806.

Market home loans for used home purchase, 10 million HUF for 20 years

Bank and loan name Initial installment Total repayable APR Interest Period Initial cost
OTP Home Creation Home Loan 72 125 Ft $ 15,648,967 5.26% 5 years $ 130,000
Erste Bank Home loan interest rate subsidized home loan 71,107 Ft $ 16,340,070 5.61% 5 years $ 42,600
Budapest Bank Equatorial Market Forint Home Loan – Interest Discount 1 72,221 Ft $ 16,395,460 5.95% 5 years $ 62,980
K&H Bank with business -starting HUF home loan – starting fees $ 69,185 $ 16,722,925 5.85% 5 years $ 12,600
UniCredit home loan $ 71,741 $ 17,260,587 6.24% 5 years $ 95,080

Source: Bankruptcy – 12/01/2016


Lower repayment with higher risk

Let’s stay ahead of the 20-year maturity and see what happens if we take the risk of a shorter interest period . Thus, our installments may be the lowest and the total amount repayable is less than for a 5-year interest period, but this carries the risk that the interest rate may change annually or every 3 months, and thus the monthly installment may increase (or even decrease). . It is worth noting that the central bank base rate is so low at the moment, and as a result, the interest rates on the loans are so low that a further decline is not expected . However, if we were to take the risk for a lower installment, these would be the best credit options available today:

Market home loans for used home purchase, 10 million HUF for 20 years

Bank and loan name Initial installment Total repayable APR Interest Period Initial cost
K&H Bank with business -starting HUF home loan – starting fees $ 58,770 $ 14,273,333 3.86% 3 months $ 12,600
OTP Home Creation Home Loan $ 59,878 $ 14,470,753 4.15% One year $ 130,000
Mohácsi TakarékBank Home Creation Loan $ 59,649 $ 14,526,950 4.12% One year $ 150,100
MKB Bank Home Creation Loan 2012 $ 59,649 $ 14,579,130 4.20% One year $ 158,600
CIB UNO Home Loan With Interest Discount 61,968 Ft $ 15,030,297 4.49% One year $ 41,000

Source: Bankruptcy – 12/01/2016


If you are curious about what the expected income is, what the interest rate discount is, and how much the bank will reimburse for the upfront costs, you can find this information in the BankRation’s credit calculator . We hope this article provides a good guide to the available mortgage loans and helps our readers find the most optimal borrowing options.


How to get together the everyday economy – share and borrow! | Loans

We know that it is not always easy to get together the everyday economy. Unforeseen events and expenses can leave painful holes in your wallet – in addition, Christmas is approaching! Do you think that November’s salary will be enough for Christmas gifts? It may be wise to start keeping your money and plan your finances so that your account doesn’t go blank in January. Here are our top tips on how to make the everyday economy go together with the help of smart solutions and friendly friends and neighbors!

Today’s rapid technological development has resulted in a large number of apps and services borrowing, renting and sharing your belongings with others emerging in the market. It has never been easier to save and make some extra money in everyday life!

Rent out your home


Do you have a trip planned, or do your parents have an extra bed on weekends? Rent your home for short periods at, for example, Airbnb to get some extra money for the monthly checkout. Just make sure you get your condominium association approval first

Join a car pool

Get rid of expensive car insurance – sell the car and join a car pool instead (such as Sunfleet or DriveNow) and rent a car per minute only when you really need it. Affordable and available!

Buy and sell used

Buy and sell used

Sell ​​what you don’t use and buy what you really need. Block and Tradera are gold mines, full of nice finds at really good prices. Create a watch for what you are looking for and contact the seller as soon as possible to increase the chances at a real cash price. Don’t forget to try to bargain!

Services and gene services


Get in the habit of borrowing and lending things to others, instead of buying new ones. Do you have a large suitcase that you do not use? Lend it to the neighbor! The next time you need an impact drill, it’s the same neighbor that lends to you. Smart and completely free! There are many good sites and apps that convey various gadgets between people in your area, such as Neighbors and Shared.

PS! Are you good at assembling IKEA furniture, sewing pants or carrying moving boxes? Once you get in touch with your neighbors, you can take the opportunity to offer them your services for a symbolic sum. A great way to collect a few extra hundred notes for the Christmas gift box. Every little helps!

If there is a crisis in the cash register before or after Christmas, you can consider the possibility of taking out a loan to get the economy together. Our new mortgage loan serves as a credit loan, with a credit limit of up to SEK 15,000. Remember that a loan is a short-term solution until your finances stabilize. Find out how much a loan would cost you, make a plan and include the cost in your monthly budget. Here you will find tips on apps that help you make up and stick to your budget.

Tips to save on the purchase of your plane ticket

Everyone likes to travel, but what they don’t like is to buy the ticket (if you chose a destination that is reached by plane) because it can be more expensive than normal.

However, there is a solution for everything!

money loan

So here are some tricks that you can apply when you’re looking for the ticket for your next trip.

1. Choose low seasons: 

1. Choose low seasons: 

Planning a trip in advance is key to getting cheap tickets. Select a low season, that is, no Christmas, Easter or New Year because at that time it would be impossible to find very cheap flights.

2. Choose the best day to buy and travel: 

2. Choose the best day to buy and travel: 

The same trick, there are times when the tickets go up and others when they show you the cheapest ones. Some studies state that it is better to buy the tickets at least eight weeks in advance, that the best day to buy them is no longer Tuesday but Sunday and that it is better to travel on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday.

3. Purchase in incognito mode 

3. Purchase in incognito mode 

Select the “new window in incognito mode” option in your browser, as some airlines use your previous searches to show you more expensive tickets. Another thing you can do is clear your history before searching for your flight.

4. Use comparators 

Just as it is very important to compare financial products such as car insurance, housing loans, among others, it is also important to compare your flight, so that you see all the prices offered by the airlines. There are many available on the web.

5. Consider the scales 

In some cases, a direct flight is more expensive than one with stops, so it will be worth taking a little longer to reach your destination to save a considerable amount of money.

6. Consider nearby destinations 

If the place you want to go to is very expensive, try to choose a nearby city although not as popular. You will find that the ticket is cheaper and that you can then take a bus to the original destination. Mind you, you should compare the prices of the buses too, it will not end up being more expensive.

Finally, to finish taking advantage of the purchase, if you find the offer you were waiting for, do not miss it.

3 Advice for Young People to Borrow

Even if you have become a lawyer and now receive a good hourly salary, it also means that many financial duties are signed up. Managing your own finances requires a great deal of responsibility, and this can be challenging for many. If you are in the unfortunate situation that you have more expenses than income, here we have gathered 3 advice for you who are young and need to borrow money.

Give you an overview of your finances

financial loan

It may sound boring and overrated, but it is necessary for you to maintain a healthy economy and for you to make the most of your money. Furthermore, an overview of your finances will give you peace of mind as you avoid unexpected bills suddenly flying in the door.

How to get started: Make a note of all your purchases and classify them: Food, shopping, city tours, transportation, miscellaneous consumption, etc. In one other column you record your income. This way you can quickly spot where it is. are you spending too much money and wherever you may be. can focus on saving in the future.

Talk to others about your finances

It is easier to reach your goal if you are not alone in it. Make personal finance a topic of conversation, others may have good tips. Find someone who can encourage you and who you are comfortable with.

It is important that your sparring partner motivates and inspires you. It can be a friend, family member or outsider, such as your bank advisor. Get around people who only point to your mistakes. They will not help you if you are already aware of the problem and are trying to do something about it.

If you are more people who would like to save money, you can make it a competition between you. Who can save the most? Should there be a profit each month, to the one who saves the most. Or is it just to get the credit?

Choose the loan that works best for you


It may take some time before you start generating profits in your private economy. In the meantime, make sure your expenses are financed optimally. It can save you a lot of money to research the market and find the best financing for your needs.

Here at Rocinante you can easily compare the various loans and find what suits your needs. Also consider whether a bank loan at the bank would be a good solution and if you are undergoing training, it might be that an SU loan is a good idea. It is free and interest-free as long as you are a student.

When choosing a loan, you should look for the loan with the lowest APR. The OPP is responsible for annual costs as a percentage. The term takes into account all costs associated with a loan and it is mandatory for all loan providers to disclose.

Most banks offer free credit card creation, but here too, there may be money to be gained by investigating whether other banks have more favorable terms and rates than your current bank.

 Settle your loans as soon as possible

If you’ve finally got into a good period of financial profits, spending the extra money on yourself can be tempting. But hold on again. It is important that you settle your loans as soon as possible, and there are several reasons for this:

Your loan stands and accrues interest as long as it is not repaid and it can quickly add up to a significant amount. The money you spend on interest can benefit you more if you spend it on something else. As a young person, it is often the smaller amounts that make the difference.

Avoid forgotten debt
If you do not repay your loan immediately, the debt can quickly fall into oblivion. This means that you may later receive an unpleasant surprise in the form of an unexpected bill you must have paid. Make it a habit to pay off when you can and avoid becoming a bad payer.

Start on a fresh one
When you are debt free you can start on a fresh, old debt that lies in the back of your mind and gives you a bad conscience. Use your new financial room with good conscience. When you no longer have to worry about the sins of the past, you become both happier and less stressed.

I’m missing money – What can I do

The washing machine breaks down, the car has to go to a workshop or an unexpected bill pops up by mail. These are just some of the unforeseen expenses you are missing out on, which can be difficult to guard against. For how do you get the money if you stand here and now lacking them?

Sell ​​the things you do not use

Sell ​​the things you do not use

If you are missing money here and now, a relatively quick way to scrape them together may be by selling things you have at home. Things that one does not immediately use or will lack. If there is some clothing that the children have grown out of, but which is really in good condition, or is there any electronics that are no longer used, then these are obvious things to try and sell.

Fortunately, today there is a tendency to buy 2nd hand, and many people are looking online for cheaper alternatives than buying things from new. In addition, there are several portals where you can sell things and where it is free to create sales ads.

If you do not stand short and lack the money now and then, you could possibly go a few pieces together to hold a flea market. Create ads that are set up in the neighborhood, attracting more people, thereby increasing the likelihood of having your items sold.

Take extra guards or find a temporary agency


If you are still missing the money for next month, another option might be to try and see if you can not get more hours at your current job. Investigate whether there is the opportunity to spend a few more hours during the week, or take weekend or night watches, to scrape together enough money.

If you have a job where you are not hourly, you can instead try to see if it should not be possible to enroll in a temporary agency. Many agencies lack employees who can be flexible with working hours and thereby work at night or at night. If only for a short period, this can be a good opportunity to get the necessary money together.

Borrow the money you need


A third option is to borrow the money you need. These can either be borrowed through your bank or a credit institution.

If the bank does not have the opportunity to lend you money, there are many places online that allow you to borrow the money quickly, and you will most often have them paid out on the same day.

These loans are usually a bit more expensive compared to a bank loan. Therefore, be aware of what you are signing and be sure that you can repay the loan within the agreed timeframe so that the loan will not be more expensive than initially calculated.

Good Finance offers a credit, read more about credit here .

Avoid missing money in the future

Avoid missing money in the future

Standing and missing money now and here is never nice, so it may be a good idea to guard against a similar situation in the future.

A rule of thumb is that you must at least have a savings equivalent to one month’s fixed expenses. That way, you can pay most of the bills that should come in the door, and you will not immediately be missing out on the unforeseen expenses.

If it can be difficult to see where the money for the savings should come from, then you can advantageously review your budget . See what is on fixed expenses and how you can. can cut down on them. If you have the big TV package, an expensive mobile subscription or if a lot of take away is purchased, these are obvious areas to cut back a little. If only a few hundred kroner can be spent from a month, it quickly adds up to a larger amount, in the longer term, which can guard one against the unforeseen expenses.