That’s what you can borrow without CSOK – Loans

Nowadays, the CSOK is clearly a hit topic in the home loan market, as there are plenty of articles on who and how to qualify for discounts. In fact, articles have already been written about the tricky ways of getting free state millions. Therefore, this time we do not choose CSOK home loans as a […]

Tips to save on the purchase of your plane ticket

Everyone likes to travel, but what they don’t like is to buy the ticket (if you chose a destination that is reached by plane) because it can be more expensive than normal. However, there is a solution for everything! So here are some tricks that you can apply when you’re looking for the ticket for […]

3 Advice for Young People to Borrow

Even if you have become a lawyer and now receive a good hourly salary, it also means that many financial duties are signed up. Managing your own finances requires a great deal of responsibility, and this can be challenging for many. If you are in the unfortunate situation that you have more expenses than income, […]

I’m missing money – What can I do

The washing machine breaks down, the car has to go to a workshop or an unexpected bill pops up by mail. These are just some of the unforeseen expenses you are missing out on, which can be difficult to guard against. For how do you get the money if you stand here and now lacking […]